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Troy Tulowitzki, Jose reyes, Latroy Hawkins

Sept 16, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (2) hits a double in the first inning of the game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Sept 16, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (2) hits a double in the first inning of the game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The baseball community was shocked yesterday when The Colorado Rockies traded their prize possession Troy Tulowitzki and  Latroy Hawkins to Toronto. The Rockies received Jose Reyes and minor leaguers from the Blue Jays.

Now this trade comes as a surprise, The Rockies said earlier in July that Tulo wouldn’t be traded. Tulo has also said that he didn’t sign his contract to be traded away. He wanted to stay a Rocky for life. Which is honorable and understandable. It’s always hard for a player, no matter if they are a vet to the game or a spring chicken to get acclimated to a new team,atmosphere,staff, stadium.

Tulo has been apart of the Rockies since 2006. Nearly a decade in the same uniform.
With Tulo being traded his trade clause is in play now. His contract go’s through 2020, so he could return to the Rockies once this contract is up.

Comes as a interesting move that Toronto would want to acquire Tulo, he has only played over 150 games twice in almost a decade. Injuries have plagued Tulo throughout his career. He does have exceptional defensive skills and above average power for a shortstop.

The key pieces that the Jays need is pitching,pitching, and more pitching. No team can have enough pitching. I can see them parting with a few more pieces while the non waiver trade deadline approaches. Not sure who will go or stay.


Willie Bloomquist on the DL, Chris Taylor call up, Matt Kemp, Kendrys Morales

Willie Bloomquist has been placed on the disabled list injuring his knee while running to first. Unsure of how long he will be out of the game for but the Mariners didn’t waste any time fixing their lineup. They called up Chris Taylor, He will be spending time at shortstop and give Brad Miller his needed days for rest. 

So far, in three games, Chris Taylor has been as well as advertised. He had two hits,including a RBI double against Baltimore on Sunday’s 3-2 loss. He will help shape the future of the team. The M’s had high hopes of Brad Miller in spring training but he has struggled to get things going for him this season.


The M’s have also acquired some extra help trying to get this offense going, they traded triple A reliever Stephen Pyror for a rental bat Kendrys Morales. Morales has been on a good hot streak as of late. He signed late into the offseason because of draft compensation that weighed his value down. He signed with the MN Twins after the 2014 draft. And they quickly trade him back to his former team. Morales will provide a much upgrade to the team. As high hopes of former superstars Corey Hart which have struggled to bat over .200. 

The Mariners need outfield help, specifically a right handed bat. We would like the use of a right handed bat such as Matt Kemp from the Dodgers,since they have a too many outfielders as is, and Kemp wants to play everyday. So would be worth trading away top pitching such as Taijuan Walker?Or maybe even D.J Peterson? Maybe a combination package deal for a player that is a defensive liability, injury risk is high. Who know’s what the future hold for the M’s but if they want to stay contenders and make the post season this season, we need to be buyers and sellers to make our team a real contender in the AL west. 

Felix, The King that conquered the Emerald City

King Felix delivered a marvelous game Sunday afternoon, he had a no hitter going into the fifth inning. He pitched eight shutout innings,9 strikeouts, and walked 3. The Cleveland Indians T.J. House managed to squander a Mariners bases loaded jam in the very first inning. After the first inning, House settled in and retired the next 13 out of 14 batters, he was scoreless into the 5th inning.

Michael Saunders lead the sixth inning off with a chopper that T.J. House grabbed and blew the routine play to first which ended up in the right field line and with Saunders speed he ended up on 3rd base. Next up to the plate was Robinson Cano, who delivered game changer for the mariners and broke a 0-14, He delivered his 5 home run of the season and 3rd at Safeco. Cano scored later as a insurance run off a Mike Zunino single.

Taijuan Walker will make his 2014 season debut Monday in Houston Texas against the Astro’s. He also made his major league debut against the Astro’s. His last rehab assignment he pitched a complete game shutout for the Mariners farm system affiliate Tacoma Rainiers. Allowing only four hits, first he struggled with his command in his early games with Tacoma but has improved greatly. He has potential to be a future All-Star player. 

With the move of Taijuan Walker being called up from Tacoma, Stefan Romero was optioned down to Tacoma, Romero in 50 games had a .200 batting average, with 3 homeruns, and a OBP of .240. Less than impressive and some work to be done to prove himself to this club. He is versatile, He can play the outfield, still needs improvement. Justin Smoak may stay down in Tacoma, since he is still on a rehab assignment and has a option left in his contract. 

Since Logan Morrison’s return from a hamstring issue early in the season, he has come back with some thunder. Moving his BA from .160 to almost .250. It would make more sense for the club to leave Smoak down in the minors, and possibly be traded than to gamble on his power. 

Corey Hart is another question the club will have to answer when he comes off the disabled list. Who will the club move in order to give Corey Hart some playing time? Possibly Cole Gillespie. 

Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon has spoken out about King Felix starting the All-Star game for American League team. In my baseball opinion, if the AL wants to win, they should start Felix. He’s been outstanding this season, even better than Yankee’s Tanaka. Some unspoken players that people should vote for are Mariners, Kyle Seager. He is a outstanding third baseman. Seager has a .274 batting average, OBP of .345, 12 homeruns, 55 RBI’s, 3 triples, 20 doubles, and a defense percentage of .967 in 78 games with the Emerald City Mariners.

The shortstop position in question for the Seattle Mariners

After doing some brief research on http://www.baseball-reference.com/, I’ve discoverd that the Mariners haven’t had a shortstop player hit above .250 batting average since 2009, that was Yuniesky Betancourt, who actually hit .250 for that season. He was pretty good for the club earlier seasons, hitting .279 and back to back season hitting .289. However, once the M’s let Betancourt go, things started going down hill. BA wise. We had Josh Wilson, and than Brendan Ryan came into the picture, he almost broke the .250 mark but was season .248, than he lost the handle. He is now part of the Yankee rotation. 

The 2013 season we had quite a few rookies come into the picture. Nick Franklin started off hot, and I mean hot. Almost brought a pulse back to Seattle based team. Than he managed to stay above the mendoza line. The 2014 spring training had a ongoing competition going between Nick Franklin and Brad Miller, both Florida natives, and grew up together. Brad Miller ended up winning the battle, but is now struggling to hit the ball away from the opposing teams glove. He hits it hard, and Nick Franklin has been in the talks of coming back up to the big league club. Miller is hitting a mere .150, not very good. Seager had a similar struggle at the start of the season, but he came back with a force. He tied the week with AL player of the week, tied with Jose Abreu of the Chi White Sox. 

Chris Taylor a prospect shortstop was in talks of being brought up the M’s, but than he broke his pinky finger sliding into second base, he will be out for about a week or two. I hope it’s a quick recovery, I think he is what the M’s need to start getting production out the shortstop position. 

Jose fernandez, Miami Marlins,Seattle Mariners, Baseball, Cano, Brad Miller, Nick Franklin, Chris Taylor,

If things could get worse for baseball this season, well, it happened. Jose Fernandez, the only real limelight that the struggling Marlings had is on the disabled list with a season ending tear in his elbow. He will have to have tommy john surgery. Luckily for him though, he is still young enough to comeback with full power possibly. He is only 21, but he did look like he was going to have a immaculate season. Having a ERA in the 2.00 area, striking out anyone and not backing down to any batter. 

He has a talent that very few posses.

The Marlins aren’t the only team to suffer season ending injuries though, The AL division leaders Athletics have two pitchers on the DL with Tommy John surgery awaiting them, Texas has two, I believe. Now are all these injuries preventable or is it just a chance you take throwing 95 mph fastballs? 


Speaking of the AL west, The M’s fall to third place ahead of the Texas Rangers and Astro’s. Now, the M’s have had some bad news considering pitching, Taijuan Walker was out with shoulder stiffness, Paxton lat strain, and Beavin as well on the DL. Iwuakuma just made his return this season a few weeks back from the disabled list. He missed all of spring training with a finger ailment. He has been quite impressive and helping his team win throwing shutout innings and striking people out. Unstoppable, quite comparable to New Yorks saving grace Masahiro Tanaka. The M’s have been on a interesting ride, either they score every single run they can or don’t score at all. Cano hasn’t hit a homerun since April, were approaching June here shortly. Smoak and Ackley are doing what they can to keep their jobs. Brad Miller, where do I start, I may enjoy watching him defensively but something has to chance, he finally broke a 0-19 two games ago, but not only is he struggling as a hitter but he has committed five errors so far this season. That isn’t a good look to keep the job in the big leagues, especially when you have players such as Nick Franklin and Chris Taylor waiting in AAA Tacoma. 

I watched this one at bat miller had, the m’s were down by two, two outs, ninth inning, and he swings on the first pitch and just a feeble dribbler to the pitcher game over. I jumped out of my seat and started cursing, and mentally throwing objects across the room. When your team is down, you aren’t helping anyone by swinging at the first damn pitch. That’s my two cents, take or leave it. Is up to you. 

Seattle Mariners hidden power

This past weekend the Texas Rangers activated Adrian Beltre off the disabled list, and he came back to a unassisted double play by Seattle’s own Justin Smoak to end a close,and I mean,close bases loaded jam,one out, with the power threat former Mariner, Beltre to the plate to end the game with the Rangers loosing,5-6 Seattle wins. Seager in that last six games has 5 home runs,11 RBI’s, and a 410. batting average, he is always co-AL player of the week.

Seager not only is on a hot streak, I mean there are hot streaks, but he started the season, barely hitting a buck fifty and for him to turn things around in such a magnitude of his performance this last week, I mean, we are barely into the first month of the baseball season.

Kyle Seager has a career average of 21 homers, a 258. batting average and 75 RBI’s over his 2 full season’s with the M’s. All this information provided by http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/s/seageky01.shtml

Walk off win for Kyle Seager that breaks a 9 games loosing streak

The King has been torn from the throne

The King has fallen from the throne last night against the Astros. Felix gave up two earned runs in five innings pitched,however the defense was not up to par, allowing a four runs in the fifth inning,unearned. The two earned runs against Felix was from the hidden power of Matt Dominguez. The Astros either score from error or from home runs. This time around it was both. 

The starting rotation may be in question right now for the M’s, but that isn’t the excuse for them not getting runs across home plate.
The Astros did snap a 7 game loosing streak,as the M’s extend their loosing streak to 7 games. The early misfortune for the Mariners hopefully isn’t a pattern for later down the road during the 2014 season. Cano,Ackley,Smoak have been the only contributors towards winning for the emerald city baseball team so far in 2014. Everyone has been suffering on this lineup. Almonte has below a .268 on base percentage. He’s the leadoff hitter,you think you would put someone in his place.

Young prospect pitchers, Taijuan Walker,James Paxton will be out for several weeks. Paxton will maybe appear in late May,nothing has been released on Taijuan Walker. Iwuakuma pitched a simulated game today at Safeco Field in Seattle. It was scheduled originally in Tacoma,WA at the AAA farm team stadium. Things look good for Iwuakuma. We should see him in the following weeks. 

Anyway, I’m closing this blog out with the standing for the M’s and Astros going into game two of three at Safeco Field. The Astros are 6-15 and the M’s are 7-12. 

I would like to see these teams turns around, just because they are always looked at as being the easy team to beat. The underdog’s of baseball.