Nationals GM Mike Rizzo says he’s “disappointed” Bryce Harper skipped NatsFest


The Nationals are holding their annual NatsFest today, but a couple of high-profile players are not in attendance. One of them is Bryce Harper, who decided to not attend due to his scheduled grievance hearing against the team on Tuesday.

Mark Zuckerman of has more on the story:

Harper, on the other hand, appears to have decided himself not to attend. Rizzo said he’s “disappointed” by that development, but acknowledged it’s due to Tuesday’s salary grievance hearing in New York. Earlier in the week, Rizzo was asked if he thought there was a chance the two sides could come to an agreement and avoid the hearing, and he suggested there was some hope of that. Today, I asked him the same question, and he gave a “no comment” response. Reading between the lines, sounds like Tuesday’s hearing is all but certain to take place.

Rizzo had to explain…

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