4 Reasons MLB Hot Stove Is Better Than The Regular Season

CBS Las Vegas

Baseball season is upon us. Well, real baseball season isn’t, but MLB hot stove is at full flame and the wheeling and dealings have already begun. The MLB regular season is not set to start until the beginning of April, but here are the four reasons why now is a more enjoyable time for baseball fans than then.

4) It’s much quicker

The Major League Baseball season lasts 162 games plus the playoffs and spans over almost seven months (eight if you count Spring Training). Hot stove lasts a little over two months but is really compressed to a much smaller time period when most of the moves are made. General managers, agents, and team officials spend every waking hour trying to get the best for their party and the action is non-stop. Rumors, deals, and trades are flying around like there’s no tomorrow, because in the case of some…

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