A More Positive Way to View the Michael Saunders Trade

the Seatown Mariners blog

The Mariners traded Michael Saunders to the Blue Jays for J.A. Happ today, and Mariner fans everywhere lost their freakin minds. I’m here to tell you that this trade is in fact NOT the end of the world.

First of all, let’s put our biases out of the way right now. Michael Saunders is not a great baseball player. He’s a streaky hitter who can’t play center field and is frequently hurt. Saunders is extremely replaceable.

If we assume that Jack Zduriencik’s plan was to acquire another outfielder all along (which reports say could happen any minute now), then Saunders would have been the odd man out. He’d be riding the bench as a fourth outfielder, a complete waste of a roster spot. I like Saunders, don’t get me wrong, but he is very replaceable.

Happ isn’t good. There’s no way around that. But Safeco is a magical place! It made Chris Young into…

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