Ortiz Showing Off? Settle Down Folks

The Wes Side

Sunday we saw David Ortiz celebrate a home run in a way that is uncharacteristic of the best designated hitter in baseball history.

Big Papi hit a towering home run to left field off of Chris Archer and not only did he take his time to admire his work before he had arrogantly flipped his bat to the Red Sox dugout. Unsurprisingly Archer has taken issue with it and I would too if I made that kind of mistake to someone. But Archer isn’t doing anything more than trying to save face. Ortiz made him look foolish in that at bat, on the pitch he drove out.

Personalities in the media have taken issue with it as well claiming a guy of his class shouldn’t be showing up the opposition like that. I on the other hand say, “Why the heck not?!” Baseball is losing its 12-30 age fan base…

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