Seattle Mariners Vs. Phillies recap #2

Veteran pitcher A.J. Burnett gave up a walk in the first inning to newly acquired center fielder Austin Jackson.
The M’s acquired Jackson in a three team trade minutes before the deadline in late July. M’s sent Florida Native Nick Franklin to Tampa Bay, Detroit received dominate pitcher David Price. All in all, It seem’s to be working well for everyone involved. 

Back to the action of game two of three against the Phillies. A.J. didn’t have his best stuff to start the game, he walked Jackson,and Dustin Ackley. Than comes Robinson Cano to the plate, Jackson stole third base, and Ackley stole second base, a double steal in play, Cano grounded out to second to score Jackson. M’s up 1-0 in the first inning.The M’s most dominate performer Kyle Seager struck out to make it two outs. Than lumbers up Logan Morrison, he drives in Ackley with a single. He ultimately ends the inning trying to steal second base.

Hisashi Iwakuma was everything about the word DOMINATE, 11 strikeouts, no walks, no runs,no earned runs, eight solid innings from a guy that is a great pitcher below Felix Hernandez. Iwakuma allowed only four hits in his eight innings.

Kyle Seager hit his 19th home run and his 78th RBI of the season. Mike Zunino was on a bad spell of hitting lately, a 0-17, than he got hit by a pitch, 13th HBP this season and leads the league in hit by pitches. At least he leads in something. Zunino may not hit for average just yet, but his defensive skills and his raw power are what keeps him in the lineup day in and day out. 

If Detroit looses tonight in extra innings  as I write this, The M’s will have the second Wild Card for the American League. The Post season is something that Northwest Natives have not been to in almost a decade. If they want it, it’s theirs to grab it. The M’s have the best defense in baseball and the lowest ERA in baseball. Their hitting could use a boost but these things don’t just change over night. 

All stats are provided by Baseball Reference


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