Willie Bloomquist on the DL, Chris Taylor call up, Matt Kemp, Kendrys Morales

Willie Bloomquist has been placed on the disabled list injuring his knee while running to first. Unsure of how long he will be out of the game for but the Mariners didn’t waste any time fixing their lineup. They called up Chris Taylor, He will be spending time at shortstop and give Brad Miller his needed days for rest. 

So far, in three games, Chris Taylor has been as well as advertised. He had two hits,including a RBI double against Baltimore on Sunday’s 3-2 loss. He will help shape the future of the team. The M’s had high hopes of Brad Miller in spring training but he has struggled to get things going for him this season.


The M’s have also acquired some extra help trying to get this offense going, they traded triple A reliever Stephen Pyror for a rental bat Kendrys Morales. Morales has been on a good hot streak as of late. He signed late into the offseason because of draft compensation that weighed his value down. He signed with the MN Twins after the 2014 draft. And they quickly trade him back to his former team. Morales will provide a much upgrade to the team. As high hopes of former superstars Corey Hart which have struggled to bat over .200. 

The Mariners need outfield help, specifically a right handed bat. We would like the use of a right handed bat such as Matt Kemp from the Dodgers,since they have a too many outfielders as is, and Kemp wants to play everyday. So would be worth trading away top pitching such as Taijuan Walker?Or maybe even D.J Peterson? Maybe a combination package deal for a player that is a defensive liability, injury risk is high. Who know’s what the future hold for the M’s but if they want to stay contenders and make the post season this season, we need to be buyers and sellers to make our team a real contender in the AL west. 

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