Double the Trouble

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(Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports) (Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports)

As of late, the beloved Houston farm system is beginning to struggle and lose it’s depth. Being granted the first-overall pick for three consecutive seasons, it seems that Houston would be bound to succeed in the near future and a few months ago, I would agree, but now I have to go back on my word unfortunately.

Generally, injuries are not something that athletes can prevent, nor can athletes predict when an injury will strike. That being said, the first-overall pick in the 2012 Major League First Year draft was not wasted. Though Carlos Correa, the Astros’ 2012 first overall pick, is currently missing the rest of his 2014 season due to a fractured fibula, his performance should not be overlooked by his impairment. Through 249 at bats pre-injury, Correa had an excellent slash line of .325/.416/.510 with 81 hits, 57 runs batted in, and 20 stolen bases. However…

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