Left-Handed Tilt: Dayan Viciedo as Solution?

Mariner Brainstorm


[In light of trade rumors, I have bumped this March 7 article to the top.

Yes, I’d want to avoid giving up newly thermonuclear Brandon Maurer for him, but any other RH reliever and a prospect, sure.]

== Now here is a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at LH pitching ==

That’s maybe all you can say, but you can say it loud.  Cuban outfielder Dayan Viciedo of the White Sox is a beast against lefty pitching.

Other than that, he’s nothing too special against right-handers, suspect on defense (except for his arm), has no speed, is not exactly sleek and athletic, is arbitration-eligible, and is out of options.

All of which may make him expendable to the ChiSox, but just right for the RH-deficient Mariners, who need a RH hitter to share DH with Logan Morrison or play in the outfield when Corey Hart can’t.

Meanwhile, Viciedo (vee-see-AY-do) must make…

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