Why Torii Hunter and Baseball Fans Everywhere Should Get to Know J.D. Martinez

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Tigers corner outfielder J.D. Martinez has all but made a name for himself with his out of this world month of June.

The former possession of the Houston Astros & 20th round draft choice of the ‘Stros in 2009 has taken the league by storm and all but replaced Torii Hunter in right field. And his offensive excellence has carried into July.

First off, there’s the career-best month of June he put together at the plate for the Tigers.

During the course of the month, the recently named Tigers player of the month for June recorded seven long balls – including a home run in three straight games from June 18 – 20 against two of Detroit’s divisional opponents in the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians. On top of his efforts with the long ball, he drove in 21 runs – including an RBI in four straight games…

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