The King Felix Hernandez



King Felix has been one of the most dominating pitchers in baseball in the first 57 games of the season. He went to 8-1 after only allowing two runs to the Yankee’s. The player that recorded the RBI, was a old friend of Seattle. He was familiar with the right field and can still throw laser’s from the corner. Ichiro recorded the only runs for the Yankee’s. It was a freak play, but runs are runs. Ichiro hit it up the middle off of Felix’s foot and shortstop Brad Miller juggled it between his hands. 

However, Felix didn’t let that get to him. He struck out eight in seven innings of work. Now, let’s talk about Kyle Seager, he had a hell of a night. 4-5, two triples, a double, and a three run bomb with two outs against Aceves. He raised his slugging percentage up fifty points. He struggled early in the season, but he isn’t showing any sign of struggling anymore. He has yet to record a home run in Safeco field. 

Now,Brandon Maurer, has been removed from the starting pitching lineup, he has not been what the M’s have been looking for in a replacement pitcher. He has struggled all season long, 1-5 with a ERA upwards of 7.00, his replacement is Erasmo Ramirez, he has a ERA of 6.00 in the majors in thirty innings of work in the MLB. After his demotion to triple A, he has a ERA of 4.50 in 29 innings of work. This is also just a temporary thing, if everything go’s accordingly, the most talked about pitcher in the M’s farm house Taijuan Walker will hopefully make his major league debut this season.
He has been sidelined by injuries before spring training. Last season he had a 3.60 ERA in fifteen innings of work, with 12 strikeouts. 


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