The shortstop position in question for the Seattle Mariners

After doing some brief research on, I’ve discoverd that the Mariners haven’t had a shortstop player hit above .250 batting average since 2009, that was Yuniesky Betancourt, who actually hit .250 for that season. He was pretty good for the club earlier seasons, hitting .279 and back to back season hitting .289. However, once the M’s let Betancourt go, things started going down hill. BA wise. We had Josh Wilson, and than Brendan Ryan came into the picture, he almost broke the .250 mark but was season .248, than he lost the handle. He is now part of the Yankee rotation. 

The 2013 season we had quite a few rookies come into the picture. Nick Franklin started off hot, and I mean hot. Almost brought a pulse back to Seattle based team. Than he managed to stay above the mendoza line. The 2014 spring training had a ongoing competition going between Nick Franklin and Brad Miller, both Florida natives, and grew up together. Brad Miller ended up winning the battle, but is now struggling to hit the ball away from the opposing teams glove. He hits it hard, and Nick Franklin has been in the talks of coming back up to the big league club. Miller is hitting a mere .150, not very good. Seager had a similar struggle at the start of the season, but he came back with a force. He tied the week with AL player of the week, tied with Jose Abreu of the Chi White Sox. 

Chris Taylor a prospect shortstop was in talks of being brought up the M’s, but than he broke his pinky finger sliding into second base, he will be out for about a week or two. I hope it’s a quick recovery, I think he is what the M’s need to start getting production out the shortstop position. 


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