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If things could get worse for baseball this season, well, it happened. Jose Fernandez, the only real limelight that the struggling Marlings had is on the disabled list with a season ending tear in his elbow. He will have to have tommy john surgery. Luckily for him though, he is still young enough to comeback with full power possibly. He is only 21, but he did look like he was going to have a immaculate season. Having a ERA in the 2.00 area, striking out anyone and not backing down to any batter. 

He has a talent that very few posses.

The Marlins aren’t the only team to suffer season ending injuries though, The AL division leaders Athletics have two pitchers on the DL with Tommy John surgery awaiting them, Texas has two, I believe. Now are all these injuries preventable or is it just a chance you take throwing 95 mph fastballs? 


Speaking of the AL west, The M’s fall to third place ahead of the Texas Rangers and Astro’s. Now, the M’s have had some bad news considering pitching, Taijuan Walker was out with shoulder stiffness, Paxton lat strain, and Beavin as well on the DL. Iwuakuma just made his return this season a few weeks back from the disabled list. He missed all of spring training with a finger ailment. He has been quite impressive and helping his team win throwing shutout innings and striking people out. Unstoppable, quite comparable to New Yorks saving grace Masahiro Tanaka. The M’s have been on a interesting ride, either they score every single run they can or don’t score at all. Cano hasn’t hit a homerun since April, were approaching June here shortly. Smoak and Ackley are doing what they can to keep their jobs. Brad Miller, where do I start, I may enjoy watching him defensively but something has to chance, he finally broke a 0-19 two games ago, but not only is he struggling as a hitter but he has committed five errors so far this season. That isn’t a good look to keep the job in the big leagues, especially when you have players such as Nick Franklin and Chris Taylor waiting in AAA Tacoma. 

I watched this one at bat miller had, the m’s were down by two, two outs, ninth inning, and he swings on the first pitch and just a feeble dribbler to the pitcher game over. I jumped out of my seat and started cursing, and mentally throwing objects across the room. When your team is down, you aren’t helping anyone by swinging at the first damn pitch. That’s my two cents, take or leave it. Is up to you. 


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