Seattle Mariners hidden power

This past weekend the Texas Rangers activated Adrian Beltre off the disabled list, and he came back to a unassisted double play by Seattle’s own Justin Smoak to end a close,and I mean,close bases loaded jam,one out, with the power threat former Mariner, Beltre to the plate to end the game with the Rangers loosing,5-6 Seattle wins. Seager in that last six games has 5 home runs,11 RBI’s, and a 410. batting average, he is always co-AL player of the week.

Seager not only is on a hot streak, I mean there are hot streaks, but he started the season, barely hitting a buck fifty and for him to turn things around in such a magnitude of his performance this last week, I mean, we are barely into the first month of the baseball season.

Kyle Seager has a career average of 21 homers, a 258. batting average and 75 RBI’s over his 2 full season’s with the M’s. All this information provided by

Walk off win for Kyle Seager that breaks a 9 games loosing streak


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