The King has been torn from the throne

The King has fallen from the throne last night against the Astros. Felix gave up two earned runs in five innings pitched,however the defense was not up to par, allowing a four runs in the fifth inning,unearned. The two earned runs against Felix was from the hidden power of Matt Dominguez. The Astros either score from error or from home runs. This time around it was both. 

The starting rotation may be in question right now for the M’s, but that isn’t the excuse for them not getting runs across home plate.
The Astros did snap a 7 game loosing streak,as the M’s extend their loosing streak to 7 games. The early misfortune for the Mariners hopefully isn’t a pattern for later down the road during the 2014 season. Cano,Ackley,Smoak have been the only contributors towards winning for the emerald city baseball team so far in 2014. Everyone has been suffering on this lineup. Almonte has below a .268 on base percentage. He’s the leadoff hitter,you think you would put someone in his place.

Young prospect pitchers, Taijuan Walker,James Paxton will be out for several weeks. Paxton will maybe appear in late May,nothing has been released on Taijuan Walker. Iwuakuma pitched a simulated game today at Safeco Field in Seattle. It was scheduled originally in Tacoma,WA at the AAA farm team stadium. Things look good for Iwuakuma. We should see him in the following weeks. 

Anyway, I’m closing this blog out with the standing for the M’s and Astros going into game two of three at Safeco Field. The Astros are 6-15 and the M’s are 7-12. 

I would like to see these teams turns around, just because they are always looked at as being the easy team to beat. The underdog’s of baseball. 


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