Seattle Mariners dismal 7 game roadtrip

The Emerald city Mariners have struggled on their most recent roadtrip. They went from sweeping the Anaheim Angels to loosing the series to Oakland, to winning one game against Texas, to being swept by the Marlins. It’s no question that the Mariners pitching rotation is in question, Iwakuma, Paxton, prospect pitching Taijuan Walker, and Blake Beaven are all on the disabled list. Also, on their most recent roadtrip the M’s have hit a dismal .158 BA.

The Miami Marlins on the on the other hand have hitting the balls like if it was a some sort of medieval plague, and swinging the bat would the only cure.One game was a shutout by Alverez,on game ended with the bases loaded after a Kyle Seager bobbled the ball,which with the new transfer rule in effect, means all runners are safe. Then came up to the plate was Giancarlo Stanton, after a blink of a eye, it’s out of the damn park. Walk-off Grand Slam to end the game.It was bases loaded,1 ball, 2 strikes,grand salami time for Stanton, sixth homer of the season.


It’s too early in the season to determine or to write these two teams off, however, this is not a good example for either team to pursue a winning season .



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