Aroldis Chapman

ImageAroldis Chapman suffered a line drive above his left eye. He currently has had surgery to repair the fractures surrounding his eye.
A plate may be inserted according to Ken Rosenthal. From all that I can tell he still has his memory, everything seems to be O.K. with the  powerful fastball pitcher. His teammates have said he is making jokes and smiling. So those are good signs for the Reds closer.

Now a video of Chapman yesterday

Chapman has pitched almost 200 innings for the Reds in the last four season. He holds a career 2.40 ERA
Now let’s see that fastball of his, or should I say, will we see it? It’s pretty damn fast.

Now to the subject of protecting the pitcher has come into question once again. It is choice for pitchers to wear a helment/hat hybrid. A few pitchers have spoken out about it and are against it. Ideally you can’t protect the pitcher without changing the dynamic of the game. It’s a risk that pitchers take, just like every other player on the field takes a risk. Last year Mariners prospect DJ Peterson was struck in the jaw, he required surgery with a broken jaw and some fractures. He now has a elongated helmet piece around where the players jaw is open to the elements.


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