Ervin Santana, Atlanta Braves

Ervin Santana signed early this morning with the Atlanta Braves. A 1 year, 14.1 million dollar contract with a option for a 2 year worth up to 30 million. Santana last posted a 3.24 ERA for the Royals in 32 games posting a 9-10 win loss ratio, while pitching 211 innings. He has a career 4.19 ERA, he is a nine year veteran pitcher that emerged with the LA Angels.

Early this offseason it was reported that he wanted a 4 year,50 million dollar contract. Which isn’t a huge amount considering other pitchers not near Santana’s capabilities got that same deal. Now the reason why he didn’t receive such a deal is the draft pick.
The Braves didn’t see that for a problem considering it’s a one year deal, low price, nothing much for a club to loose.

Especially since the Braves are loosing a key starting pitcher Kris Medlen, he injured his arm in spring training. It’s more than likely he will have a second Tommy John surgery. The Braves picking up Santana on a bargain bin deal is great for this club.


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