Seattle Mariners, Nelson Cruz, Fernando Rodney

Reports came in that the mariners are all in on Fernando Rodney and Nelson Cruz. Cruz is OF course coming off his PED suspension. He is still a outfield liability but can crack the ball over center field just as good as anyone in baseball. Realistically Cruz is only worth roughly a little less than 10 million a year. I project something guaranteed of the range of 18 million with heavy incentives to please Cruz for two years.

Now for Rodney, he has been the closer for the rays the last two seasons. He has done excellent as a closer. Seattle last season lost 15 or so games in the ninth inning. Those kind of games are crucial for a contending team. If the Mariners are serious, they will have to cough up the money and start contending. The American League west has been quite a stir this offseason. The huge signing of cano and the blockbuster trade of Ian kindler to Detroit and prince fielder to Texas.

AL west is nothing to mess with this upcoming 2014 season.


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