A lot of action has happened since the big contract was sealed and dealed to Tanaka early yesterday morning. The guy hasn’t even pitched in the U.S. yet and he signed the fifth largest contract for a pitcher. In case you didn’t know, it was 155 million dollars for 7 years, with a buyout option after 4 years. That isn’t including the 20 million going to Tanaka’s former team Rakuten Golden Eagles in Japan. 

David Aardsma has signed a deal with the Cleveland Indians, he can earn up to 1 million if he makes the Indians roster come the season starting. Aardsma threw for the Mets in 2013 posting 4.31 ERA  39 2/3 innings. He is 31 years old, so he can still improve from here on out and work on that ERA. Maybe he will be closing for them. Who knows what Terry Francona will have him do. 

Matt Garza has signed a deal with the Brewers, it isn’t quite official yet. They aren’t announcing anything till they have a press conference. Garza signed a contract for four years, 52 million. That’s a steal for any team to pick up Garza for that much. Garza split time between Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers, 10-6 W/L ration, posting 3.17 for the Cubs and 4.38 for Texas. Pitched 155.1 innings between the two clubs. He will be a solid contributor for the Brewers this upcoming season. Don’t forget, he also batted .222. That’s better than some everyday players. Just sayin’. 

A little clip of Matt Garza coming off the disabled list midseason last year. 

Former Athletics closer Grant Balfour is now the closer for the Rays. Upon his return to the Tampa Bay Rays, he has a ERA with the Rays of 3.33. Mind you, he was younger not as experienced. He has spent the last 3 season with the Athletics, his ERA with the A’s is 2.53. His contract is for 2 years, 12 million dollars. He is a sure fire closer. The Rays needed him. Every team needs a closer of his stature. He might be a angry Australian but he is a great closer. 

Endy Chavez has signed a minor league contract for 750k if he makes the Mariners roster this season with incentives up to 450k.
He is now apart of the log jam outfield, he did post a batting average of .267 for the m’s in 97 games. He will probably make the roster and give Ackley, Saunders, Gutierrez, and Almonte a day off. 

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