Tanaka, Athletics, Chone Figgins

Masahiro Tanaka has signed a contract with a major league team, he signed a massive 7 year contract with the New York Yankees worth about 155 million and including the buyout to his former team in Japan, it’s roughly about 175 million dollars for this elite pitcher. He has a buyout clause after four years in case things don’t work out for the Yankees and Tanaka.
Tanaka had a most impressive season in Japan, going 24-0, 1.27 ERA,averaging 7.8 K/9, 1.4 BB/9, 0.3 HR/9 and just 7.1 H/9.
He was unstoppable, he did loose one game though last year,game six of the Japanese championship series he pitched 160 pitches.
He came in the next day to throw another fifteen pitches to win the series for Japan. 

The signing of Tanaka also means the deals for Garza, Santana,Arroyo, Jimenez should all be a domino effect from here on out.Those all star pitchers should be seeing some decent contract figures. Where they will end up is beyond me. 

The Ray acquired Logan Forsythe from the Padres today, Forsythe has a career .241 batting average, his BA took a significant drop in 2013, .214 BA/281 OBP/ 332 Slugg%. He did have six home runs in 2012,and 2013. However, he had just as many strikeouts in fewer at bats in 2012-2013 stats. 

The Rays sent Torres and Hahn to the Padres and The Rays received  Forsythe, Andriese, Lollis and Boxberger.
All of which are prospect exchanges except for Forsythe. Forsythe has played four seasons with the Padres. He has everything to lose and much to gain, he does have one thing above most players. He can play just about any position besides pitcher,centerfield, catcher. He is a pretty good versatile player. He does suffer a lot at shortstop and third base but I’m sure with time he will become elite at all those positions. 

The Athletics sign Eric O’Flaherty to a 7 million two year contract. O’Flaherty is coming off Tommy John surgery, he isn’t expected to come out and play till July. However, if everything is the same, he is a dominate pitcher on the mound. A great boost for the A’s.

Chone Figgins is trying to be relevant once again, he had a workout session with the Minnesota Twins last week but have not shown anymore interest in Figgins. Other clubs have made formal invitations to the 36 year old. He posses a .277 career batting average. He last played for the Seattle Mariners in 2012, he batted .181 in 66 games. 



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