Reports came in that Masahiro Tanaka had his physical in Los Angeles California on January 9th 2014. Tanaka gave every MLB club the report. So he is awaiting for that big pay off, I guess. Who know’s, several teams have already made formal offers to the Japanese star, upwards of 100 million dollars for 5-8 year contracts. Whoever he decides to play for in 2014 MLB season. It should be impressive.

Tanaka has till from today(right now) till Friday to sign a contract and be apart of MLB.Any club can pick this guy up, but the real question is are you gambling on a player? He proved himself in Nippon Baseball League with a 1.27 ERA, he has a splitter that reaches 90 mph, it literally just falls off  in front of you.

Above is Tanaka’s pitches and highlights in NBL.

Today the Phillies signed Bobby Abreu  to a minor league contract. Abreu will receive 800k if he makes the team. Abreu will be turning 40 this year and he played very much like he did 20 years ago in the Venezuelan Winter League with a .322/.416/.461. his play off triple slash is even more impressive, .464/.549/1.214, 8 HR, 56 AB.
Maybe taking a season off helped him adjust to becoming a ball player again, who knows what made this old timer into something relevant again.

Above is a one hopper to home plate from Bobby Abreu to Henry Blanco to save the day in the bottom of the ninth in the Venezuelan winter league. Don’t mind the Spanish, it’s all in the good fun.

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